Commissioners ‘just want a weekend away’

I do not believe it really matters what the residents of Matthews think about the location of the commissioners’ retreat.

Past history with this town board would indicate they are going to do what they want regardless of anyone’s opinion. I personally think they just want a weekend away; otherwise, they would take the staff with them. After all, the staff are the ones that actually do all the work for the town.

The really unfortunate thing is that the commissioners do whatever they want because the majority of the residents of this community don’t really care about what the town government does.

That is not meant to criticize residents. There are far more important things going on in their lives and their children’s lives than what the town commissioners are doing.

Sadly, because no one is paying attention to the actions of the board, it is making the most incomprehensible, irresponsible, indefensible and egregious decisions on serious financial matters that will impact all residents in the near and distant future. The commissioners are so self-absorbed that they actually believe they have a mandate to run this town in whatever fashion they choose, based on an electorate of less than 2,000 voters.

I would point out that the American Commission of Surveys for 2006-08 showed there were 7,904 families in Matthews. Just using general numbers of two voters per family, allowing for growth since 2008, there are probably 15,000 eligible voters in the town. Less than 2,000 voted last year, and from where I sit, that is no mandate.

As long as there are 13,000 residents in this community who don’t, or can’t take an interest in what the Matthews Board of Commissioners is doing with the financial aspects of the town, there is not much hope that there is any interest about where they hold their annual retreat.

Ken Randall


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2 Responses

  1. Mint Hill has a couple commissioners that have been in their position too long. We need term limits for all elected positions. It almost seems that after a while, no one watches what they do. A couple actions during the year do not add up to doing what is best for the tax payers.

    How about mandatory, random drug and alcohol tests? Any other town employee has to pass the test. Why not the commissioners? Oh, and they have to pay for the tests out of their own pocket too. Anyone who fails is immediately removed. If they cannot be responsible in their personal lives, how can they act in the best interest of the tax payers and our money?

  2. Mr. Randall,

    Thank you. You are completely right in your response. I too believe that the citizens of Matthews are not informed about the leadership of Matthews. I have personally learned how citizens are treated. You put your trust in these people only too learn that they do not care. Oh, the story I could tell you. I did not vote this past election because in my opinion there was no one to vote for and my time is important to me. Please check out the “Technology Allowance Policy” this is where the leadership allows themselves an allowance every two years for new computer, internet service, cell phones and phone service all paid for by the citizens of Matthews.

    Gina Hoover – Matthews

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