Are you at risk for lung cancer?

Presbyterian Cancer Center has joined an international lung cancer screening research trial where patients can refer themselves for study. The trial, known as the International Early Lung Cancer Action Program, is based on research findings from the National Lung Screening Trial that screening with low-dose CT reduces lung cancer mortality by 20 percent over chest X-rays. Participants in the research trial may self refer and must have extensive smoking history (one pack/day for 30 years or two packs/day for 15 years), family history or significant exposure to second-hand smoke to be eligible. Presbyterian Cancer Center is the only site offering this research trial within a three-state radius.

The purpose of the trail is to study how well screening with low-dose CT scan increase the ability to detect lung cancer sooner, which may increase cure rates for the disease. Results from this study may be used to support arguments to incorporate low-dose CT into preventive screenings for high-risk populations.

Local experts are optimistic about the impact of this trial.

“It’s encouraging to see such momentum around this disease,” Dr. James O’Brien of Mecklenburg Radiology Associates said in a press release. “Lung cancer has always lagged behind other cancers when it comes to standard screenings that could diagnosis and treat it before the onset of symptoms, and the I-ELCAP study could be a game-changer for lung cancer survivorship.”

To apply for the trial, visit or call 704-384-8980.

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