Best Buy joins national ‘green’ program

National retailer Best Buy is one of four companies nationwide this week who joined the U.S. Energy Department’s National Clean Fleets Partnership, according to a press release from the department. Best Buy has a location in Matthews at 2109 Matthews Township Pkwy.

The public-private partnership assists the nation’s largest fleet operators in reducing the amount of gasoline and diesel they use nationwide. The new partners join with 14 other major national companies in committing to improve the fuel economy of the commercial fleets, integrate alternative technology vehicles like natural gas trucks and electric vehicles into their fleets, and reduce their overall fuel use, the release said. Collectively, the National Clean Fleets Partners operate more than one million commercial vehicles nationwide, accounting for more than 12 percent of all commercial vehicles on American roads.

With more than 20,000 Geek Squad agents, Best Buy has a fleet of about 5,000 vehicles. Since 2009, Best Buy has reduced its carbon emissions from fuel use by 21 percent by decreasing engine sizes, deploying the smallest, most fuel-efficient vehicles for the job and eliminating underutilized assets, according to the release. Best Buy is testing both electric and propane vehicles and has piloted telematics technology to help further reduce fuel use.

Under the partnership, Energy Department experts provide each company with specialized resources, technical expertise, and support in developing a comprehensive strategy to reduce fuel use and achieve greater efficiency and cost-savings. The Department also helps connect partners with clean fuel providers and equipment manufacturers where their fleets operate.

Johnson Controls, Pacific Gas and Electric and Veolia also joined the partnership this week.

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