Letter to the Editor: March 30

In response to “Matthews launches $400K beautification project” in the March 23 to 29 issue.

Matthews commissioners or ‘Tourism Board?’

What wonderful news, the Town Board of Commissioners in Matthews has voted to spend another $400,000 from that bottomless pit of money called the tourism fund for erecting signs and monuments proclaiming that you have entered or are leaving the hallowed halls of Matthews.

I think that this is going to be terrific, especially for all of those Matthews residents who are spending hours in their cars, in traffic jams, in Matthews, because the Town Board of Commissioners refuses to vote on funding for improving the roads in Matthews. You must give this board credit; if they are not going to do their job responsibly, they are going to at least entertain you while you wait in traffic!

Well done “Tourism Board,” which I think is a much better name than Town Board of Commissioners, that is such a stodgy name anyway. Let’s just all go with the Tourism Board of Matthews!

Ken Randall

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