Mint Hill ordinance aimed at DNC

Mint Hill is preparing for the Democratic National Convention by revamping rules about what can take place on town-owned property.

The changes will be aimed at protecting town property and would include no overnight camping, Welch said. The town hasn’t received any requests for camping during the convention, but Welch said officials would rather be safe than sorry.

“I think we’re just better off being proactive,” he said. “The DNC coming to Charlotte is obviously going to impact us … it’s like nothing that we’ve ever seen, that’s for sure. It’s certainly harmless to be prepared. Sometimes it’s best to jump in front of something before we have a problem.”

Town Clerk Beth Hamrick has submitted a preliminary draft of the changes to the town attorney for review. Town commissioners could see the proposal within a month, Welch said. Police Chief Tim Ledford gets credit for the idea, he said.

Ledford “brought that to me as a follow-up of what Charlotte did. Our ordinances address when parks close, but maybe we need to shore up what we have and follow ‘big brother,’ if you will,” Welch said.

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