Letters to the Editor: April 20

In response to “Matthews gives $5,500 for Vietnam Moving Wall” in the April 13 to 19 issue.

Memorial donation ‘appropriate’ use of tourism funds

It was heartening to see that the Town of Matthews Board of Commissioners actually uses the tourism fund for tourism projects such as the Vietnam Moving Wall.

As a proud resident of Matthews and a frequent vocal critic of the board for their irresponsible and irrational spending policies, they do deserve credit for actually contributing appropriate funds to a positive project. In view of the fact that they have spent hundreds of thousands of tourism dollars on things like the refurbishment of a vacant building – which they have no plans to use – I would have liked to have seen them step up and give the Veterans of Foreign Wars of Indian Trail the entire $12,500 they currently need to bring the replica memorial to the area instead of the $5,500 they approved. Perhaps that can still happen.

Even if it does not, the board still deserves credit and a ‘thank you’ for a job well done on making sure that a valuable contribution was made to bring this important memorial to the Matthews area, which is the home to many Vietnam-era veterans.

Ken Randall

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