Letters to the Editor: April 6

In response to “Incinerator burning again” in the March 30 to April 5 issue.

Incinerator ‘toxin-spewing, financial sink hole’

Medical waste incineration emits highly toxic byproducts. When MNC Holdings incinerates IV bags and PVC tubing, it releases dioxin, a known carcinogen, into our air and environment. Medical equipment also can contain mercury, a potent neurotoxin that can harm the brain, kidneys and lungs.  

Not only do residents not want this harmful (element) in our community, but other medical waste companies have clearly stated to MNC Holdings they do not want the Matthews incinerator in their own business portfolios.

No burn technologies are available for medical waste disposal. MNC Holdings can cling to the delusion that their incinerator may one day be profitable, but the residents and leaders of Matthews and surrounding towns are right to fight MNC Holdings to retire their antiquated, toxin-spewing, financial sink hole. Medical waste incineration, especially in a growing suburban area such as ours, is a technology and business whose time has passed.

Bre Reiber Giffin

(Giffin is a former executive director of Physicians for Social Responsibility, New York City Chapter).

In response to the Letter “Matthews commissioners or ‘Tourism Board?” in the March 30 to April 5 issue.

Letter writer focuses on the negative

It seems that every time I read a Letter to the Editor from Ken Randall it is always in the negative.

Apparently, the (Matthews) Board of Commissioners can do no right in his eyes. Granted, not all decisions the commissioners make will be agreed upon by all. However, they do their best and work hard to make Matthews a wonderful place to live.

Mr. Randall, if you are so disgruntled with the way Matthews is governed, may I suggest you move to Pineville, Waxhaw or one of the other surrounding towns. I am sure they would love to have you as a resident.  

Jeanne Moore

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  1. Mr. Randall keep up the good work in speaking the truth!

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