Support team created for revaluation appeals

Mecklenburg County has formed a special customer support team to handle the backlash around property tax revaluation appeals.

The team, made up of appraisers, customer service representatives and management staff, is supposed to help “clarify the ‘how to’ of appealing and understand the ‘why’ an appeal was accepted or rejected,” according to a news release from the county.

Homeowners who “have timely filed an informal appeal with the Office of the Tax Assessor or a timely formal appeal with the Board of Equalization and Review” can speak to the support team by phone, at 704-432-7250, or online at

A number of people have complained at special meetings or to the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners about their property tax revaluation. The process evaluated the value of homes in the county so tax bills could be recalculated. Many residents have complained that their home values are higher than they should be considering the recession and number of foreclosures, and argue the value should be decreased so their tax bills also would decrease. Some have even called for the recent revaluation to be thrown out and redone.

Members of the county’s tax assessor’s office have said doing so would be a mistake, and instead ask residents to continue with the normal appeals process.

Find more information at the revaluation website,

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