Dentist retires after 36 years in Mint Hill

by Kara Lopp

Dr. Lawrence Sladek recently sold his Mint Hill practice to Dr. Stephanie Manning. Sladek is retiring after 36 years of dentistry in Mint Hill. Kara Lopp/MMHW photo

Jack Dunne has been trusting his teeth to Dr. Lawrence Sladek for about 30 years. But it was what the Mint Hill dentist did for his son that sticks with him.

Years ago the youngster fell, hitting his teeth. Though it was about 8 p.m., Sladek met them at the office within minutes.

“You just picked up everything and came right down here,” Dunne said to Sladek at the office this week. “We really appreciate you.”

Dunne was just one of the many patients who’ve stopped by in recent weeks for a goodbye hug or handshake. After 36 years at 7322 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, Sladek is retiring. The 65-year-old Mint Hill resident said his time in Mint Hill has been a whirlwind.

“It seems like 36 months. This is the fastest 36 years I’ve known,” he said. “I appreciate all my patients and their many years of support. It was just a great area to be in.”

Sladek sold his practice to Dr. Stephanie Manning, who has already taken the reigns. His immediate retirement plans include a trip to Ireland with his wife. The couple have three children, two grandchildren and two more on the way.

“I think the patients will like her if they give her a chance,” Sladek said of Manning. “The staff has stayed on, so there’s some familiar faces. I hope she has 36 years here, too.”

That’s the plan, Manning said. She’s a 2007 graduate of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill’s School of Dentistry.

“Dr. Sladek has been very, very helpful and I really appreciate it,” she said. “I look forward to meeting his patients and carrying on his legacy.”

Manning is accepting new patients. For more information, call 704-545-3243.

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