Ashe Plantation repairs start soon

Construction to provide needed repairs to streets in Mint Hill’s Ashe Plantation subdivision could begin within the next two weeks, Town Manager Brian Welch said.

The work will come as the result of an agreement the town reached with the N.C. Department of Transportation, which will put all of the neighborhood’s streets in the care of the town. For years the subdivision’s streets have been partly maintained by NCDOT and partly maintained by the town. And a portion of Hanging Moss Trail wasn’t the responsibility of either agency.

To bring an end to the confusion and provide maintenance for Hanging Moss, the town offered to pay $116,912.50 to bring Hanging Moss up to town standards if the state agreed to bring its section of the subdivision up to town standards. Once the work is complete, the town will take over maintenance of the entire subdivision.

Low bidder Blythe Construction will do the work for $349,367.80.

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