Report: County water is safe to drink

Drinking water provided by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities “meets and exceeds all state and federal standards,” according to a press release from the utility.

All Mecklenburg County residents will be mailed a copy of the report, the release said.

“Our annual water quality report reflects the high level of confidence customers should have in the tap water they drink,” said Barry Gullet, CMUD director. “The continued investment the community makes in its water system through infrastructure construction and maintenance, as well as ensuring a workforce of well-trained staff, contributes to the excellent results customers will see in this year’s report.”

According to the report, required by the federal Environmental Protection Agency, the utility conducted more than 150,000 tests on drinking water last year to ensure the water is safe to drink. The tests look for more than 150 substances, many of which occur naturally in the environment. Even the highest contaminant levels detected were well below federal limits, the release said.

The report also includes the results of the Source Water Assessment Program conducted by the state of North Carolina, information on impurities that might be present in untreated water and basic information about the water treatment process.

For more information about the report, visit or dial 3-1-1.

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