Stumptown to get security boost

Matthews is taking extra steps to better ensure the safety of citizens during special events at Stumptown Park.

Commissioners voted unanimously at their Monday, July 9, meeting to use $19,833.50 of the town’s tourism funds to purchase a public address system, an early warning lightning and storm detector and a used golf cart, all of which will be used to improve security during special events in the park.

“I think this is something, from my point of view, that we definitely should have done a while ago for the safety of the community,” Mayor Jim Taylor said.

One of the main safety concerns the town has about special events is the threat of thunderstorms. The early warning lightning and storm detector will be able to detect storms from as far as 15 miles away, giving officials the opportunity to alert park users via the public address system. The golf cart would be available in case of emergencies or situations that require motor vehicle transportation.

The town will buy the new equipment soon and expects to have it ready in time for Matthews Alive! in September.

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