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Mint Hill Madness was a success
What a great 30th Mint Hill Madness.
It appears all that attended enjoyed their time together. Mint Hill town staff labored before, during and after the event for our benefit. Thanks guys! The (Mint Hill) Chamber of Commerce was represented well with extra hours given toward the Madness. Great example set by our chamber leaders.
The 5K was an outstanding run for a Mint Hill Lion’s Club fundraiser and we are grateful for the support. The vendors who chose to exhibit and citizens from far and wide, we applaud you for being present at Madness 2012.

Tony Long
Mint Hill

In response to “Korean flag wrong at Mint Hill’s memorial” in the Sept. 28 to Oct. 4 issue.

Kudos to teen who spotted flag error
How can Mr. Putnam be so arrogant as to call Ms. Park’s drawing attention to the flag of her parents’ country “a big whoop-dee-do over nothing?” If this were an American flag displayed backward, I’m sure people would notice it and take offense.
Every country’s flag has meaning and symbolism, and to allow it to be displayed incorrectly shows disrespect, even if it’s done accidentally. To take a young woman’s sharp eye and knowledge of the correct orientation of the flag and reduce it to a petulant complaint is the height of rudeness.
I applaud Ms. Park for noticing this error and taking the steps to make it known!

Wendi Parnell
Mint Hill

Teen ‘should be praised’
I am a Vietnam veteran. My best friend, from high school, is married to a lovely Korean woman. I am offended by Mr. Don Putnam’s response to Ms. Park that the error on the Korean flag shown incorrectly on one of the pavers is “really no big deal and the lady is making a big whoop-dee-do over nothing!”
What if it had been the American flag? Ms. Park, whose parents are South Korean immigrants, should be praised for her action and Mint Hill should be ashamed for Mr. Putnam’s comments.

Jim Thurman

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