Mint Hill to see one new leader

MINT HILL – Incumbents in Mint Hill came out on top this year, with all but one maintaining their spot on the board of commissioners.

Mayor Ted Biggers, who was running unopposed, took home 2,104 votes to secure his spot as mayor for the next two years. Incumbents Lloyd Austin, Mickey Ellington and Tina Ross raked in a majority of the votes, with newcomer Richard “Fig” Newton bringing in 1,269 votes to beat out incumbent Brenda McRae, who fell short with 1,025 votes.

Newton will be sworn in with the rest of the board and take his seat during the Dec. 12 meeting.

“I would like to thank the citizens of Mint Hill for trusting me as a new town commissioner,” Newton said. “I wish to be known as a citizen’s commissioner. I will do my best to listen to the issues and concerns that any citizen has to offer. It is an honor to be involved in the town you live and love.”

There isn’t much the new board is aiming to change, commissioners said following Tuesday’s vote, with many eager to continue the current projects taking place throughout town – like the sidewalk project currently in its second-and-final phase.

“(I’m most excited to) continue working on finishing our sidewalk projects and making sure we stay financially stable, as we have, and make sure Mint Hill stays on the right track, as we are,” Austin said. “I thank everybody for the support and the trust, and I will continue to serve them as I served them before.”

Ellington agrees, saying the sidewalks are what voters are most focused on right now, with the pedestrian community in town growing.

“The most trying thing that I know that we’ve got going is getting our sidewalks completed in Mint Hill,” he said. “I’ve talked to a lot of people, and walking is a big thing in Mint Hill, and I’m excited about that. … We will have about four or five miles complete when we finish it.”

But overall, regardless of what issues and projects are at the forefront, the incumbents and one new commissioner are excited to get to work and continue partnering with residents and town staff to plan for the future of Mint Hill in hopes of maintaining the small-town feel many love. In order to do that, commissioners will have to work together and plan for the growth recently seen in the area.

“If we do have growth in the town of Mint Hill, it will be quality and not just quantity,” Ellington said.

About 2,200 voters made it to the polls for Election Day out of the 16,555 registered voters in Mint Hill, according to estimates from the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections website.  The vote counts for the board of commissioners were as follows: Mickey Ellington, 1,436; Lloyd Austin, 1,288; Tina Ross, 1,279; Richard Newton, 1,269; Brenda McRae, 1,025; Dale Dalton, 961; Rich Ferritti, 580; Harry Marsh, 498; and Eric Random, 186.

All election results will not be made official until Tuesday, Nov. 12.

There were 85 write-in votes in the mayoral race, and 18 in the board of commissioners race.

Find more information about Mecklenburg County Elections at www.meck

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