N.C. Sen. Tarte talks revaluation

MINT HILL – Local business leaders recently heard more about legislation from the General Assembly in Raleigh that could impact their bottom line.

State Sen. Jeff Tarte, who represents the Matthews/Mint Hill area in District 41, spoke at a recent Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce meeting about tax reform and regulatory changes state leaders have recently made and how those changes could impact small businesses.

But Tarte, who was mayor of Cornelius during the much-maligned property tax revaluation in 2011, spent much of his time at the Oct. 24 luncheon discussing legislation he helped pass to correct revaluation errors in Mecklenburg County.

The bill is “incredibly important because so many people were impacted and some probably didn’t even know it,” said Larry Shaheen, Tarte’s chief of staff, speaking after the event. “We want people to know they have a right to have these values reviewed and appealed.”

In order to make sure the problem is permanently corrected, Shaheen said Tarte will seek a complete overhaul of the appraisal system. To fix the problem temporarily and help those who paid too much, “interest on taxes paid on parcels with errors that resulted in the parcels having an overstated value shall be calculated at a rate of 5 percent per annum,” the bill states.

Tarte, who said he was proud of how both parties came together and passed the legislation, applauded the bill, which passed with unanimous support. “We need to do more of that type of thing when we govern,” Tarte said of the harmonious merging.

Tarte mentioned that type of compromise doesn’t happen all of the time, but added there are great ideas on both sides of the aisle. “How you get your ideas through is an art as much as a science,” he said.

At the end of his meeting, Tarte said serving is an absolute joy and pleasure and also gave those in attendance advice on approaching officials.

“Appreciate those that serve, smack us in the head when we do something stupid, communicate with us and don’t be afraid to say hello.”

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