Mint Hill to repave five subdivision roads

MINT HILL – Residents in Mint Hill will soon see five roads throughout town repaved thanks to Powell Bill funds received from the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Although the town originally planned to repave a total of 11 roads, bids came in at about $692,000, which was well over the town’s budget. The board of commissioners is scheduled to vote on whether or not to accept the bid from Blythe Construction during its Thursday, April 24, meeting.

“Assuming the board approves, which I have every intention that they would, I would assume they would start working immediately. They will have it done by the end of the fiscal year,” Town Manager Brian Welch said.

The current project includes Blackstone Drive, Stoxmeade Drive, Plough Drive, Barkridge Road and Central Drive, which will cost the town about $402,000. All of the roads currently being repaved are subdivision roads and are not maintained by NCDOT.

After completing the repaving for these roads, Welch plans to look at repaving the six roads the town was unable to fund this go-around in the future. Roads that commissioners originally intended to repave but will not be able to fund are Old Oak Lane, Barnesdale Lane, Cromarty Lane, Gloman Court, Mint Forest Drive and Mini Mac Drive.

Repaving and other road maintenance is something the town tries to keep up with to prevent larger problems, which would cost more money to fix, Welch said.

“We try to be very proactive with road maintenance,” he added.

The town’s public works department also is taking steps to be more proactive and prevent large scale problems with the purchase of a machine to seal cracks in roads, which are often caused by water, Welch said. Public works included the purchase of the sealing machine, which would cost about $60,000, in its presentation to the board of commissioners at the April 16 budget meeting. A draft budget has not been presented to commissioners at this time.

All of the funding for the road repaving will come from Powell Bill money received from the state. Every year municipalities throughout North Carolina receive funds from NCDOT for road maintenance and other transportation infrastructure projects, such as road repaving, sidewalks and more. Mint Hill received $659,129 in 2013-14 from the state, some of which was used to complete the second phase of sidewalk installations in

Mint Hill commissioners also recently began budget discussions for the coming year. The 2014-15 budget could include maintenance for other road projects throughout the town, although no roads have been discussed at this point. Powell Bill funds from previous years are often used to determine the amount the town will receive from NCDOT, but the town will not know how much it will be given until October 2014, after the 2014-15 budget is adopted.


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