Sleep Pea helps young children doze off

Morgan Griffith, founder of Sleep Pea Consulting is shown with her children (from left) Brooks, Emory and Ryann Griffith. Photo courtesy of Heather Rasmussen

Morgan Griffith, founder of Sleep Pea Consulting is shown with her children (from left) Brooks, Emory and Ryann Griffith. Photo courtesy of Heather Rasmussen

Morgan Griffith, founder of Sleep Pea, knows the value of a good night’s sleep. Ever since her 8-year-old son was born, she has focused on better understanding and managing sleep for her family.

“When my son was 10 weeks old – we were living in San Francisco at the time – we hired a sleep consultant who helped us get our son on a better sleeping routine for two weeks,” she said. “Afterwards, I became pretty obsessive about learning about all the ins and outs of sleep.”

Griffith became so fascinated with sleep that she decided to leave her public relations job to become a sleep consultant. Griffith believes the skills she developed working PR in the tech industry for 12 years has helped her better problem solve and meet expectations for families.

Griffith said she doesn’t follow a regimented sleep method you’d find in a book – and she does not believe in the cry-to-extinction.

“It’s not even about the crying,” she said. “It’s what we do leading up to it, preparing and putting the pieces in place for good sleep,” she said.

Her goal is to get to know the family, the parenting style and the circumstances. Then, she uses that information in conjunction with sleep essentials, such as a consistent bedtime routine and creating an environment that supports sleep to develop and implement a better sleep routine.

“In PR, it’s about managing people’s expectations,” she said. “I work with parents to assess the situation, set goals, break bad habits and find what works for that family … there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to sleep.”

While Griffith has not received any formal training, she has worked with more than 400 families in greater Charlotte and San Francisco, Calif.

She works with families of single and multiple children with infants 10 weeks old up to young school-aged children. She offers a free initial phone consultation to get to know the family and identify their needs and best recommend how to proceed.

Griffith provides anything from hour-long phone consultations to intensive month-long sleep packages ($575 one-month package). She said many people call exhausted and expect to sign on for a month when they really just need one or two phone consults.

“It’s most important that my services meet the need versus just offering packages,” she said. “I want to show up and be there for what they need and that means being flexible but also expecting full commitment from both parents.”

She explained that sleep training only works if the parents are willing to put in the work.

“I expect parents to be patient with child(ren), set clear cut messages of their expectations, be consistent and celebrate milestones,” Griffith said. It’s not easy but everyone is capable of creating better sleep habits with their children when they are ready and able to follow through.”

Griffith stressed she is not a doctor and cannot provide medical advice. She works with families with children who are just having a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep. Children with underlying health problems should seek appropriate medical care. Some examples of sleep issues she helps families work through are nap routines, getting infants to sleep through the night and getting back on routine after a long vacation or some other schedule disruption.

She is passionate about helping families stay healthy through sleep.

“This (sleep) is a fundamental piece of being human,” Griffith said. “More than a third of Americans are chronically sleep deprived … as a culture, we have very poor sleep habits that are leading to disease and ailments.”

Griffith wants to give parents the right information to improve their children’s sleep and give them a healthy start in life. “My goal is to empower parents to understand and respond to their child’s sleep needs and give them the confidence to adapt to those needs over time,” she said.

For more information about Griffith and her rates, check out her website at

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